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Celebrating our 40th year of sailing to Provincetown


In all of the 170 years of there being a ferry running between Boston and Provincetown, NO steamship company has been fortunate enough to have provided service longer than 26 years. Economic twists and turns and over-competition made service between Boston and Provincetown a revolving door of steamship operators since 1842. We are extraordinarily grateful to have found a way to make it to our 40th year of providing service to the great community of Provincetown.

Thank you for helping make it possible to get to this milestone. We've assembled this special section of out website to help commemorate our 40th year. Sailing between Boston and Provincetown is a great American tradition. In sailing with us, you are participating in a storied New England summer activity even older than that of baseball. We look forward to the chance of including you in the great pastime.

170 years in pictures

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Notable Moments


First steamship service begins between Boston and Provincetown


The Steamship LONGFELLOW becomes the first vessel constructed specifically for the Boston-Provincetown ferry route


Boston's baseball team, the RED STOCKINGS, is founded.


The passenger ferry BOSTON BELLE ceases operation to Provincetown, beginning an eight year span of time during which no ferry service exists between Boston and Provincetown. This is the first time since 1842 without a ferry connection to Boston.


Bay State Cruise Company resurrects ferry service between Boston and Provincetown with the newly constructed MV PROVINCETOWN, restarting the P'town economy's desperately needed ferry connection.


Bay State Cruises upgrades their ferry service to Provincetown with the 25% faster and 100% larger, 1,137 passenger MV PROVINCETOWN II.


Bay State Cruises introduces the first fast ferry service between Boston and Provincetown with the PROVINCETOWN EXPRESS


Bay State Cruises introduces its fourth ferry, dedicated soley to service to Ptown with the PROVINCETOWN III


Bay State Cruises celebrates the start of its 40th season of serving the Boston-Provincetown ferry run!